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Published on December 26, 2013, by in Uncategorized.

1461811_10203014936161175_923804917_nDecember 25, 2013. The annual arrival of Christmas day means many things to many people. The season itself can bring about feelings of great joy and sweet anticipation. As a child I spent the whole year looking forward to the next Christmas. There was something magical about laying under the Christmas tree and looking up at the colorful lights. However, as I got older and the realities and responsibilities of life started to creep in, the Christmas season lost a bit of its lure and luster. And then there have been those years when it seemed like surviving Christmas was the best that I could hope for. Christmas can be especially hard on people who have experienced a recent loss or are going through a particularly lonely time in their life.

But from heaven’s perspective, Christmas day is cause for great praise! A chorus of heavenly hallelujahs sing out “Glory to God in the highest”… for it is on this day that we celebrate the greatest gift that ever was, or ever will be, given to mankind (Luke 2:14.) Today, all of heaven and earth celebrate the fact that God loves us so much that He sent His Son on a rescue mission to earth; a mission to rescue us from everything that separates us from a relationship with our heavenly Father. There is no way that you or I could ever be good enough, or smart enough, or powerful enough to save ourselves and become the people that God created us to be. Yet, when we receive by faith the gift that God sent us in His Son, all things are possible! In all of life, I know no greater love or joy than this.

Earlier today I saw that several people shared the following song on social media sites, there is a very good reason that they did. This song captures the simple, yet profound, beauty of the love story that we celebrate on Christmas day; a story that continued on a cross and continues in our lives today. After all of the hustle and bustle, the gifts, the food and people, this song helped me to recalibrate my focus back to the true gift of Christmas. If needed, may this song do the same for you. No matter what season of life we find ourselves in, may our hearts join the heavenly hosts and the writer of this song in saying, “With every breath I’m singing hallelujah!” For unto us on this day a Savior is born, and His name is Jesus (Luke 2:11!)

Merry Christmas to one and all, and to all a good night!