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About Me

Hi, my name is Shiela. If you are anything like me (which you may not be!) you might want to know a little bit about my background, and why I write, before you spend your valuable time reading anything that I have written. If you are one of those who want to know…

The significant people in my life: At the time of this writing, I’ve been married to my best friend for 32 years. My husband Randy and I met in Junior High School, but didn’t start to date “for real” until our freshman year in college. We have been blessed with 6 children, 3 sons-in-law and a daughter-in-law, 4 grandchildren (and 2 more on the way). I have two incredible sisters, and I’m blessed to have some of the best friends in the world. And then there’s my sweet, fluffy white dog named Zoey. I suppose that she’s not really human, but please don’t tell her that!

How I got to where I am today: After high school I went to Indiana Vocational Technical College and Purdue University where I studied nursing and became a Registered Nurse. After working several years as a critical care nurse, I began working with my husband in our home office, managing the accounting aspect (+) of his small landscaping business. I really missed working as a nurse, but I loved how working at home allowed me the privilege of being with my children during their younger years. Now, with my children pretty much raised and out of the house, I spend my work days managing a customer service department for an international industrial business.

My personal interests and passions: My passions revolve around the relationships in my life. First and foremost, I am very grateful to be a child of God. I cannot, and I don’t even want to try to imagine navigating through this life without Him. I also love and highly value the family and friends that God has blessed me with.

As far as other interests go, I like traveling, cooking, going to the beach, fishing, boating, reading, and playing Euchre (among other things)… but the thing that I love to do most is to encourage people in their faith. I have gone through some very severe trials and I cannot imagine how I would have survived if it were not for the very real love and compassion of God. Through His Word (the Bible), God has shown me that it is possible to have joy, and hope, and strength, even in the midst of the most unimaginable difficulties. This doesn’t mean that I never cry, or that I am bubbly happy person all of the time. What it does mean, is that I have a deep sense of peace that cannot be taken away by the trials of this life.


I find great joy in helping others to dig deep into God’s Word to discover the wonderful, life-giving treasures for themselves. I also enjoy the one-on-one process of mentoring people as they seek to discover and become the person that God created them to be. This is why I have chosen to write a blog. I don’t know who you are, but my prayer is for God to combine my love of His word with my passion to write, and that He will use this offering to help you to know Him in a deeper and more real way.

Christian Background of Service and Training: As I said in the welcome, I am not a Biblical Scholar. The most important qualification that I have, or anyone should have if they attempt to understand the Bible, is the fact that I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Through His sacrifice on the cross my sins were forgiven and I was given the gift of new life.

As said previously, I have a deep love for God’s Word. As far as training, I have been an avid student of the Bible for many years. I have participated, taught, and facilitated several Bible studies, and I studied and served at Bible Study Fellowship for several years during my early Christian life.

Other training – NANC training (National Association of Nouthetic Counselors) as a lay Biblical counselor; Training as an Open Hearts Ministry small group leader (Open Hearts is a ministry that focuses on restoration and recovery from abuse); Training in public speaking by the staff of “Speak Up With Confidence” (a ministry that equips Christian Speakers).

Other areas of Christian Service – Following my training at “Speak Up With Confidence,” I had the privilege of traveling, speaking, and sharing the Gospel for several years through Stonecroft Ministries. I have also served in several mentoring relationships, and co-lead a small home group with my husband.

There you have it… a little glimpse of who I am, and what makes me want to dance!